Mastering Services

DVD & Video Authoring

We offer full service digital video editing and mastering, as well as DVD-Video and Blu-ray authoring.

DVD projects usually fall into one of two categories: 1) a DVD release with menus and chapters to be sold commercially or used for training/marketing or 2) a simple transfer of your tape to a DVD-R video disc.

Video Sources

You supply us with your best quality video sources which we load into the computer.

Editing and Encoding

After editing and color adjus-tment, we encode your video and audio to a format compatible with DVD-Video or Blu-ray.

We create menus with interactive buttons and links to access different chapters of your video.


We burn a DVD-R reference disc for you and a master disc if your project is to be replicated.

  Video Editing & DVD Authoring
All package rates include 1 chapter menu, 1 DVD Master, 1 DVD reference disc, 1 DVD Archive, and ground shipping,
    Basic hourly rate

DVD Authoring <20 min

DVD Authoring 20-40 min

DVD Authoring 40-60 min

DVD Authoring >60 min

Additional chapter menu

A la carte rates

Transfer from Digital Beta <60 min

Transfer from Beta SP <60 min

Additional DVD reference disc

Additional DVD master