Mastering Services


For our long distant clients, we offer our electronic mastering services. Clients upload their audio files a few days in advance. The mastering session takes place on a designated day with communications between the client and the engineer via telephone or Email.

You can send your files via any of the popular file hosting services like DropBox or WeTransfer. But if you want more security, you can upload your files to our ftp server, which will require an ftp application like Fetch. Please send an Email to:

Toby Mountain

Let us know how much space you will require and when you will be uploading the files. We will provide you with the following information:

Host name
User name

Once the files are received and safely downloaded, we will send you a confirmation Email. Please let us know if you would like a reference CD via mail or an audio reference file uploaded to the ftp site, once the mastering is completed.