Mastering Services

Audio Mastering

We offer full digital audio mastering services, including analog transfers and signal processing. All source formats are supported. We can create masters for all formats, including CD-AUDIO, SACD, mp3, aac (iTunes), and Blu-ray. All audio mastering is performed by Dr. Toby Mountain. Click on one of the specific services available from the menu on the left.
Our objective is to make your project a great listening experience for music fans, from audiophile to iPod listener.


We utilize your best sounding sources, analog or digital, and do an optimized transfer to a computer hard drive.

Sequencing and Editing

With sophisticated mastering software we perform complex edits and crossfades, and remove unwanted noise.
Levels and Equalization

We use both software and hardware to improve the sound and make the project "listener ready."


You receive a CD reference disc and 24 bit master files are used for vinyl and the internet.

  Audio Mastering
All package rates include 1 Master (CD-R or DDP), 1 reference disc, 1 DVD Archive, and ground shipping
    1 song (<6 min)

EP (4 songs <20 min)

Short Album (20-40 min)

Standard Album (40-60 min)

Long Album (>60 min)

SACD with CD-TEXT, full authoring

A la carte rates

Digital hourly rate

Additional CD Master

Additional CD reference disc

PCM-1630 Master


Baking (up to 4 reels)