Transfer Services

Analog to Digital

Remastering starts with sleuthing for the best possible quality analog source. Analog magnetic tapes manufactured from 1975-1985 often suffer from "binder breakdown" where the adhesive chemicals in the tape begin to dissipate because of moisture absorption. The remedy for this is to bake the tape at a low temperature in a convection oven for several hours. We do this very carefully with no resulting harm to the tape, thus insuring smooth playback!

We offer both 2 track and multitrack (8/16/24) transfer services to digital. All formats, including Dolby A, SR and dbx, are accepted. Analog tapes are carefully callibrated to optimize playback performance. Tracks are converted into .wav or .aiff (24 bit/44.1-192 kHz) using only the best A/D converters, and can also be delivered in Pro Tools or Logic Pro format.


The warning signs are squeaky, sticky playback with accumulation of oxide or a gummy residue on heads and guides. We "bake" your tape before we make the transfer. Even after baking, the tape will eventually revert to its previous condition, so this transfer is an essential process.


We rewind the tape carefully and then calibrate it according to the tones provided. If no tones exist, we calibrate according to a standard MRL calibration tape. We optimize the azimuth to make sure that high frequency detail and phase are correct. If any splices have dried out we re-splice carefully to ensure smooth playback.
Optimizing the Sound

Oftentimes an analog master will exhibit deficiencies, such as loss of high end and clarity from years of storage. For this we use a discriminate amount of analog equalization Analog EQ is most appropriate for the analog tape medium and will restore the proper spectral balance to the recording.

Converting to Digital

Once the analog signal path is set, we make the transfer through a 24 bit Analog to Digital Converter. We make sure the digital levels are optimal (full volume) without incuring any overs or distortion. The audio is then archived on a hard drive or burned to a CD-R or DVD-R..

  Analog to Digital Transfers
    2 track - per reel (1/4" or 1/2")

Baking (up to 4 reels)