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by Toby Mountain

The Birth of Stereo Recording

The author's personal journey on sleuthing the origins of magnetic tape and stereo.

The Internet's Precedent

Oddly, history repeats itself......and the Internet is no exception.

The Future of Blu-ray

Furtire possibilities for the last physical media platform.

Preparing for Audio Mastering

Here are some simple tips, along with a quick and dirty checklist, you can take with you to the studio. It will optimize your recording session and help prepare you for tha final crucial step: Mastering. Don't leave home without it!

Marketing Ideas

Here are some basic ideas for marketing in the new digital age.

Preparing for Enhanced CD

The do's and don't's of Enhanced CD mastering. Wanna put out a multimedia release that
really impresses your fans/client-base and leads them to your website? Read this article!

The Long Tail

How the economic paradigm "the long tail" applies to the music industry.