I have been consistantly pleased with NDR's work. We at Rising Son Records are always confident that their sound quality is the best possible." - Arlo Guthrie

"I thought you did a great job with the mastering. I was so impressed with 'Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud' because it had so much tape noise on it, which you mysteriously made to disapppear... You made it sound great!" - Tony Visconti on Bowie remastering

"Toby, great working with you again. I thought the record came out great." - Jimmy Sturr (18 time Grammy winner)

"We are delighted with the way that 'Auld Lang Syne' sounds. Everyone that we play it for is enchanted by it, and a lot of credit goes to you and the way you brought out the warmth of the performances. We gave a copy of the master to James the other day and he loves it. " - Kate Taylor

I was delightfully suprised when I played the CD "Johnny Cool"... I had come away from that project with a very negative feeling, but I must admit that the CD made me proud and happy. I must compliment your engineer, as the sound is outstanding.. Congratulations and thank you very much" - Composer, Billy May

"Audio mastering at NDR is the foundation upon which our reputation for high quality is built." Don Rose, former President of Rykodisc

"Working at NDR helps bring everything into focus. Suddenly the love and joy of the music magically reappears. It's great working with someone you can trust!" Chris Wilson, Heartbeat Records

"We at Rounder, as well as our artists, know we can count on Toby Mountain and his staff at NDR. They are easy to work with, have great ears, and always put the music first." Ken Irwin, President of Rounder Records

"Toby Mountain is one of the most distinguished musician/engineer/producers that it has been my good fortune to encounter. His remarkable work has been largely responsible for the fine reputation of Vanguard Classics." Seymour Solomon, President, Vanguard Classics/Omega Record Group