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Projects - Winter 2012

Arlo Guthrie

  As part of the long term remastering project for Arlo Guthrie, Toby Mountain recently completed an updated version of "All Over the World." Originally released in 1991, it is a collection of Arlo's favorite tunes from his Warner Brothers catalogue.

Most of the tracks, namely "All Over the World" and "Russian Girls" run the gamut from spiritual to humorous, but the central theme is geographical. The global breadth of Arlo's music has also fostered a Volume 2 (which Toby also mastered), but, regrettably, it is presently only available in Scandanavia.

Arlo Guthrie
The Mallett Brothers from Maine have been to NDR twice to master both their debut album and their second record, "Low Down." They have since won numerous awards, including Portland Phoenix's Best Local Act, Best Live Act, and Best Local Album of 2011. Their energy and style are powerful - definitely a band to watch in 2012!
Annie Wenz
mallett brothers
The Mallett Brothers - self titled and "Low Down"
a4a   Terry Adams was in for several sessions to put the finishing touches on the latest NRBQ album, "Keep This Love Goin'." The album represents the group's latest effort since reformation. It carries on the great R&B tradition of NRBQ with forays into other genres such as boogey-woogie, cajun, and classical.

As a side note, we were very saddened to learn of the recent death of Tom Ardolina (1955-2012), longtime drummer for the original band.
NRBQ's latest
Songwriter Heather Maloney came in to master a stunning album of original songs entitled "Time and Pocket Change." The album was mixed by talented engineer/producer Norm Demoura. In an enthusiastic review Christopher Hislop writes that Maloney's tunes are "outstanding" because "they resonate...sink in."

We're looking forward to working with Heather on her next project!
Mountain Interval
Heather Maloney
Magonia   Greg Passler was in the studio twice this past year - once to master his own solo album "Tinted" and a second time to put together a "Best of Magonia" CD. The new compilation comprises 21 tracks from the band's many different albums over the last twenty years - a stunning collection of instrumental work, begging to be implemented for the big screen!
Singer and former TV Star Jerri Lynne Fraser (right) mastered a second album with Toby entitled "Just Use Your Love" - a phrase, which Jerri says "comes back to me every day." This terrific nine song album includes a unique and uplifting version of JJ Cale's famous ballad "Hallelujah."

Jerri has had quite a versatile career dating back to the early 60s, with guest star performances in Bewitched and Occasional Wife. You can find out more about her life and music at her website.
Xavier-Mrs. Hollywood
Jerri Lynne Fraser
folk music
Irish musician extraordinaire and accordion virtuoso Michael Fitzpatrick spent several days working with Toby on his new Anthology of Irish Set Dances (right). This was a marathon project with over 700 traditional tunes of varying tempos! It is bound to be the definitive resource for competitive Irish Step dancers.

Harry O'Donoghue

Michael Fitzpatrick
Magonia   We're not sure whether the next band can be classified as "folk music" but Folk Uke has consistently defied boundaries anyway. At its core is the duo Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson, both daughters of famous musicians. Their new album "Reincarnation" (left) confounds the listener with its biting irony and social commentary, cloaked in sweet resonant vocal arrangements. But let's face it, any group that creates songs like "Shit Makes the Flowers Grow" is bound to tell it like it is.
Folk Uke
    folk music
Michael Fitzpatrick
Composer / Guitarist Raymond Gonzalez (left) was in mastering a new album of Christmas music entitled "Carols." It is a collection of traditional holiday melodies arranged for solo acoustic guitar with some surprises, including banjo and synthesizer!
Raymond Gonzalez
  We were happy to see Digney Fignus come back in to master his third album with Toby, "Last Planet on the Left" (right). The Alternate Root proclaims that Digney's new CD "reaches inside and touches you, lighting with warmth that moves from the inside out." Donna Hughes
Digney Fignus
Michael Fitzpatrick
Songwriter / Producer Chris Wilson (left) came in twice to put the finishing touches on his solo album "The First Time." Produced by Brad Young, this album features many wonderful original songs about life and love, and brings some very distinguished musicians on board, including Duke Levine and Dave Mattocks.
Chris Wilson
  Jazz guitarist Gerry Beaudoin returned to NDR to master his new album "The Return" which highlights special guest saxophonist Harry Allen. Jazz critic Jon Garelick calls the album "a detailed, richly colored sound in which Beaudoin's unbroken legato line is a match for Allen's rhapsodic tenor."  
Mill City Trio
Gerry Beaudoin
Justin Purtill
Brenda Prescott was in working with Toby to master Yoko Miwa's new album "Live at Scullers Jazz Club" from a live performance in October 2010. The energy and versatility of Yoko's piano playing is astounding. Jazz critic Scott Albin adds that Miwa "possesses a fully-formed style and shuns flamboyance for substance."

Yoko Miwa Trio