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Projects - Spring 2010

Graham Parker

  Referred to as " the most underrated singer songwriter of the last 25 years," former frontman of The Rumour, Graham Parker, recently released a new album of hard hitting songs, entitled Imaginary Television. This was the second release of Graham's that Toby Mountain has mastered in the last three years.

Parker was initially courted by Primary Wave to write and record two short title songs for two different TV shows. In the inevitable way of Hollywood, both songs were eventually rejected, but Parker continued with the idea of making an entire album of theme tunes based on television situation comedies. The result is Imaginary Television, which critic Rod Lockwood declares, "a gem of a release."

Graham Parker
It was an idea that started from a concert at the Irish Arts week in East Durham, NY in July 2006. Three well known musicians (right to left), Robbie O'Connell, Aoife Clancy, and Donal Clancy, all with a distinct Irish pedigree (Clancy Brothers) and each with their own successful careers, decided to perform together. Four years later their beautiful music is finally available on their self titled CD, The Clancy Legacy.

Robbie and Toby spent a day mastering the new record, which has now been released and fulfills the long family tradition of wonderful music, song and poetry.
Clancy Legacy
The Clancy Legacy
a4a   Toby lent his hand to a benefit project called "Acoustic for Autism" ( produced by Louis Gendron and Mike Cusanelli. 100% of all proceeds will go to various Autism charities around the country. The CD features original acoustic music by such great songwriters as Chris Trapper, Cormac McCarthy and Elizabeth Lorrey.
Acoustic for Autism    
Songwriter Johnnie Mac (right) was in the studio to master his newest release "Swamped" which features ten rootsy songs about love and life. One of the songs, "Me and Jessie" has received airplay in the Boston area.

The Brooklyn band U-MELT was in the studio mastering their most recent album, "Perfect World. " calls their music "emotionally honest modern rock set with tendrils into jazz-fusion, electronica, pop and the early '70s art-rock."
Johnnie Mac
  Johnnie Mac
Lois Greco   Pictured at left is singer Lois Greco, who has been rocking on both coasts for over a decade. She recently worked on her latest album, "Takin' Hold Of Your Heart" with Toby before going on tour this spring. The album holds eleven of Lois' original tunes featuring her electrifying vocals and her hard driving band led by her brother, Earl. Lois recently opened for Robert Cray at The Clearwater Sea Blues Fest.

Toby mastered a debut album by a "minimalist rock trio" from Tallahassee, FL named In Wrath. Interestingly enough, the album was recorded entirely in analog and is being released only on vinyl, cassette, and MP3 (no CD).
Lois Greco    
Toby completed the mastering of a new CD by Abe Guthrie's band Xavier, entitled "Mrs. Hollywood." The album is Xavier's first official release since "Full Circle" in 2000.

Abe and Toby had to handle the details for the mastering over the phone and internet. Abe was on the Guthrie Family "Rides Again" Tour with his Dad, Arlo Guthrie, and throngs of other family members.

will be playing this summer in various New England venues.
Xavier-Mrs. Hollywood
folk music
Singer/ songwriter, Bruce Mandel, was here to remaster his 1999 recording "Follow Your Heart." As Bruce states in his CD Baby website: ""Toby Mountain/Northeastern Digital did such great mastering work on my second CD, "Between Dreams and Regrets", that I wanted to bring "Follow Your Heart" into that same sonic arena."

The title of the album represents "the culmination of years of hard-earned experience, life lessons, and not wanting to ever be haunted by the middle-aged mantra of 'What if?'"

Bruce Mandel

Bruce Mandel
Lissa Schneckenburger
World class fiddler, Lissa Schneckenburger (left), was in for a mastering session with Toby to finish her latest album, "Dance." The CD has ten lively tunes along with 2 bonus tracks, which are downloadable from her website.

Toby also worked with New Hampshire guitarist, Don Sanni, on his new CD called "New England Soundscapes" which is an instrumental blend of classical, pop, folk, and Celtic music.
Lissa Schneckenburger

Bluegrass Special  

Toby completed a new Bluegrass sampler for Rounder entitled "Bluegrass Special." It features some of the biggest names in bluegrass: The Grascals, Claire Lynch, Ricky Skaggs, Blue Highway, Nashville Bluegrass Band and J.D. Crowe.
Bluegrass Special

Jazz Composers Alliance   Composer Darrell Katz (pictured left with the Jazz Composers Alliance) was at NDR to master a new CD of original jazz pieces. Featured soloists on the album are Jim Hobbs and vocalists Rebecca Shrimpton and Mike Finnigan.

Keyboardist, Hal Hirshon, was in to put the final touches on his new release, "Witch Doctor's Formula 20 Mood Elevator." The album features 20 tunes and brief musical vignettes, backed by a superb cast of musicians.
The Jazz Composers Alliance
Blue Plate Special
New Jersey band, Blue Plate Special, mastered their second album with Toby, entitled "Nowhere Fast." The record features 12 original songs showcasing the band's wide range of influences of bluegrass, swing, country, Cajun, polka, and gospel.

Berklee sax instructor, Will Silvio, worked with Toby on his debut album "I Had That Dream Again." Will's quartet also features Berklee bassist Mark Poniatowski.

Blue Plate Special