Clients and Projects

Projects - Fall 2014

The past six months have generated a lot of great music from a wide variety of artists. We salute them and are extremely proud to be part of these projects.
For thirty years Toby has been mastering projects for Arlo Guthrie. Five of them just recently got remastering updates: One Night, Outlasting the Blues, All Over the World, Someday, and Son of the Wind. Pictured on the right is the well known Outlasting the Blues album, which features the classic tracks "Sailing Down My Golden River" and "Evangelina."

Later this month (January 2015) Arlo and his family begin a four month tour across the United States.

  Arlo Guthrie
  Outlasting the Blues
Mari Balck
  Renowned singer/songwriter David Mallett has recently relaesed his latest album The Horse I Rode In On for North Road Records. Toby worked closely with David and his engineer, John Stuart, to get the album sounding just right.

It's a wonderful collection of covers from the 50s and 60s - stylistically a tribute to Willie Nelson.
David Mallett
Famed keyboardist Aaron Hurwitz (The Band) came in to master two new projects. One was a single frrom his own band Professor Louie and the Crowmatix entitled "Rock 'n' Roll Barn." The other project was by a band from Jacksonville called The Buster Cousin Band, which Aaron mixed and produced.

The Crowmatix, who have been Grammy nominated and inducted into the International Blues Hall Of Fame, will be touring the east coast throughout the winter.


Lissa Schneckenburger

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix
    folk music
Traditional blues singer and guitarist, Scott Ainslie, came in to master his most recent album The Last Shot Got Him. The collection features one original song, as well as 13 standard blues songs, all inspired by the late Mississippi John Hurt.

Scott describes himself as a Blues historian. He has transcribed several original recordings and published a book on Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson, Robert Johnson/At The Crossroads (Hal Leonard, 1992).
Scott Ainslie
Geoff Bartley's new CD Particles of Light is now available online (CD Baby). Geoff and Toby woked hard on this project over a span of several months. The result is a wonderful mix of both traditional arrangements ("Things in Life") to biting international commentaries on modern life ("Leaving Soweto").

One of Geoff's biggest fans is the legendary folksinger, Tom Paxton.
  Matt & Shannon
  Geoff Bartley
The Winter Tree   Andrew Laitrus came in to finish up his new opus Singularity which he calls "an electronic/ambient instrumental work that is mostly improvisational in nature." The Track "Automaton" is available for listening on The Winter Tree website.

A recent Prognaut review stated, "The music is epic, seamlessly weaving in and out of various original lyrics, poetic interpretations, rhythms and textures that take the listener on a musical journey."
Andrew Laitres
Singer/songwriter Sheila Mac Donald has gradually carved out a notable career as an extremely compelling songwriter. She recently mastered her third and latest CD Tangle of Trees at Northeastern Digital with Toby. It's an intricate collection of character studies and observations of life's mysteries.
  Matt & Shannon
  Sheila Mac Donald
Multi-faceted guitarist Greg Passler came in over the summer to master his new 5 song solo CD entitled Unframed.

Greg has played with several Boston bass jazz groups like Mill City Trio. Many of their compositions have been featured in various TV and film formats, including drama, documentaries, and reality TV shows.
Greg Passler
Composer and Jazz conductor Darrell Katz worked with Toby on his latest CD project called Why Do You Ride?.

Katz's 70-minute suite combines virtuosity with irreverence and deals with Albert Einstein's sometimes controversial comments about riding a bicycle, learing, knowledge, love and war. Katz is known as “one of Boston's most ambitious and provocative jazz composers.” (Boston Phoenix)
Darrell Katz & the JCA Orchestra
Pictured at the left is the group Strings Theory Trio, brainchild of Mimi Rabson, who came in to master her latest CD, which will be officially released Jan. 28, 2015 at David Friend Recital Hall in Boston.

For years Mimi has been active as a cutting edge composer and violinist in the Boston area. She created RESQ - the Really Eclectic String Quartet and is a co-founder of the Klezmer Conservatory Band.
Strings Theory Trio
Eden MacAdam-Somer, a world class fiddler, who teaches at New England Conservatory, has been at NDR several times finishing up her debut CD, entitled My First Love Story.

Eden's works for solo performer on voice, violin, and body percussion, such as Jump for Joy and Rumi Songs, have been hailed by the New York Times as reflecting “astonishing virtuosity and raw expression.”
Eden MacAdam-Somer