About Us

Welcome to Northeastern Digital

As the first digital mastering facility in New England, Northeastern Digital has always been a technological leader in the industry. Featuring a famous and diverse clientele, we have enjoyed a distinguished reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. 

When you first walk into our offices, you will immediately notice a clean, natural environment with a warm and friendly atmosphere. This is a place where you can work effectively.

Our approach has always been to focus on our clients' wishes and needs. Since mastering is an artistic endeavor, understanding the client's individual and personal goals is tantamount to the project's success. We encourage all of our clients to be present at the mastering session. We strive to get the sound that the client wants. Ultimately, we measure our success not by Gold records or Grammy nominations, but by our high rate of repeat customers.

Northeastern Digital was founded in 1985 by Toby Mountain at the inception of the compact disc. Initially, the company specialized in providing digital editing for classical and acoustic projects, but soon expanded into a full fledged mastering facility. By 1990 Northeastern Digital had added CD-ROM mastering and computer driven audio. In 2000 the company added a studio dedicated to video editing and the authoring of DVD-Video and Enhanced CD.